This version is from JGB EP "Phenomenal Consiousness" recorded at Underland Studios, Bkny-NYC June 14, 2013


Luminae luminae evil is here

Open your chest…bare


We’ve long angled your defeat

We’ve long preached beware deceit…

It too is in the room.


Yet a moment ago

Were you not gleeful and entertained?

Without the over-lording evil

Rendering beauty deranged.


If good…evil

If evil…good

Do what thou wilt,

Not what thy should


If evil is the moment of meditation…

Sandy and Katrina, bitches named you,


Boy scout preacher,

Moralizer compromised


We all got weaker

Down deeper and cried,


Evil is in the room,

Who let it in…

And whose gonna swoosh it

The fuck outta here?

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